Visitors to the Coffee Morning in Craghead, County Durham, on the first Saturday in September were expecting rain, but thankfully it held off for just about an hour before setting in for the day. This allowed enough time for everyone to wander around outside without getting soaked, apart from a few unfortunate latecomers!

We raised a respectable £164 on the day from entry fees and plant sales – thanks to everyone who brought along their own spare plants for the table.

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The money has been donated to Bryson’s Animal Sanctuary in Wrekenton. They were delighted with the contribution and will be sending us a letter of thanks in due course. The reason for giving to Bryson’s? I cheated(!) and asked a friend to do all the baking for the day, allowing them to choose their preferred charity in return.

Thanks again to everyone who made the effort to come along. Longstanding HPSNE members reliably inform me that, initially, it seems hardly anyone will be attending your coffee morning and panic starts to set in, but at the 11th hour everyone magically pops up!

Coffee mornings are good fun – weather notwithstanding – and I would encourage anyone who hasn’t yet considered holding one for HPSNE members to add it to your ‘maybe’ list for the future. Just remember; your garden does NOT have to be up to ‘Chelsea’ standards and you can raise money for a good cause whilst enjoying yourselves at the same time.

Marie Robson