Visit date: Saturday 20th June 2015
Write-up by Joan Barber

Tony and Barbara Ewin’s garden was started 15 years ago and this was the members’ third visit.

The 1st time there was a lot of bare soil. The backbone of the garden was in place and the 2nd time the hedges were half grown and a lot less bare soil, but this time it looked tremendous.

The main area is divided by yew hedges into 4 quarters with a rill running down the centre. Each quarter has a different colour theme – hot orange, lavender, pink and dark red and blue and green.

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There were some lovely poppies, irises and a dark form of cercidiphyllum.

Across the lane there is a wild flower meadow with a pond in the middle. It was in full flower and I could see some yellow rattle and wild orchids among all the other things. Next to this is the vegetable garden filled with all good things to eat.

A lot of fruit bushes with gooseberries grown as cordons, strawberries in full flower and an asparagus bed.

Next to this is a field which is going to be planted with trees and grown by the permaculture system.

A great garden plus lovely views to the cathedral from the top of the rill and great hospitality.