To all members of the HPS North East Group.
I am writing to you all at this difficult time to advise you of our decision to cancel the March and April meetings.
Having consulted with various people about the progress of the virus and giving due consideration to all our members, the majority in the at risk group, I have decided in conjunction with the committee to cancel the next two meetings. We will review the situation re the May meeting in due time.
It really is a great shame, as we all enjoy our meetings, but it is better to err on the side of caution, than to find out that someone unwittingly spread the virus around on the night. Even with reduced attendance, we would be in close proximity for 2-3 hrs, handling sale plants, sundries and money and providing refreshments would be unwise.
The members doing the work to make the event possible would be put under pressure to attend and many of those are vulnerable themselves or living with those that are. 
The Newsletter will come into its own by keeping members in touch and morale up as we weather the inevitably difficult period ahead. We welcome any contributions you can make to the newsletter, large or small, about your plants and gardens.
You will be advised about our other planned summer activities in due course via the newsletter. 

I am so very sorry that we have to do this but feel strongly that it is the wise decision, and appreciative of your support, as always.
Our main hope now is that we all get through the crisis safely and that normal life resumes as soon as possible.
Take care and keep safe,

Chair HPS North East Group