Date(s) - 27/02/2023
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


A change to our winter Zoom programme (TJ Maher will join us next year), we welcome Jon Evans, a photographer who has visited Wildside many times over the years and seasons, following the development of this new and imaginative garden in Devon by Keith Wiley and his late wife Ros.

Keith is a proponent of a ‘new naturalism’ movement in gardening, which seeks to work in harmony with nature, allowing plants to thrive much as they would in the wild. He takes inspiration from natural landscapes to create areas of planting in his gardens inspired by sites from around the world.

Jon is known within the Alpine Garden Society as an enthusiastic amateur photographer. For about 10 years he was responsible for organising the artistic and photographic section of the AGS shows around the country, and also for organising the show photography. During this period, he set up and ran the AGS Digital Image Library. He is still actively involved in plant photography, both at shows (he visits many shows each year to catalogue the extraordinary achievements of the exhibitors) and in gardens both public and private, and he makes regular outings to view and photograph wild flowers in the UK.