Date(s) - 26/02/2018
7:15 pm - 9:00 pm

Stannington Village Hall


Ever wondered how the prestigious ‘Gold’ medal is awarded? Martin takes you behind the scenes at Chelsea and other flower shows.

Martin studied horticulture and went on to become Head Gardener at Rufford Abbey, at the time the youngest head gardener in the country. He then started his own landscaping and nursery business, writing a regular column for Garden News in the early 1990s where he created demonstration gardens on the nursery site which featured in the magazine.
In 2009 Martin and his wife Jill moved to North Yorkshire where he ran the Harrogate Flower Show for five years. In  2014 he decided to return to the roots of gardening by developing his own garden alongside writing and broadcasting about gardening.
He also works with local charities including the Friends of the Valley Gardens in Harrogate as their President.
Martin is an accredited RHS judge, working at many RHS and independent flower shows.